Wedding Website

The main purpose of a wedding website is to give your guest a platform where they can experience your love story and provide all the information about your wedding day.  Your wedding guests can get information such as the location, dress code, hotel reservations and registry from your wedding website. Your wedding website can also update your guest in case there are any changes to the wedding plan.

Now that you know the importance of a wedding website. Here are features a wedding website should’ve to have.

Our Wedding Website Delivarables

Customized Website Design

Your wedding website will feature a personalized website name and a stylish design that suits your wedding colour code. The website would also be visible on all devices (Phones, Tablets and Laptops)

Pre-wedding Contents

Share your special memories with friends, take them through your love story, document your relationship journey, and include pictures and videos about you and your wedding squad. Information about your wedding such as the location, time, date, how to get there, and color code of the day would also be included on the website.

Hotel Reservations

Are people coming from far and wide to attend? Show them the best hotels around your wedding venue to lodge. These details will include the price of these hotels and how to get there.

Map Direction

You don't want people calling and disturbing you as you prepare for the big day. This burden can be reduced if directions are customized for each person. Maps will be included on the website that make it easier for each guest to find the location.

Live Streaming

Yo! Its the era of Virtual weddings. Nobody has to miss a single thing that's going down on the big day. Yes, you guessed right, your wedding will also be streamed live for all to join in the celebrations.

Post Wedding Contents

All your wedding memories deserve to be preserved and kept in a museum. We don't have a museum but the website works just perfectly. Store up all memories from the day and view them as many times as possible

Well wishes

People always have feedback the wedding. A form will be added for people to send their congratulatory messages

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