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Churches, and their websites, must serve many audiences and multiple purposes. If your website wasn’t designed to prioritize and address each one, you probably often find yourself frustrated that your site can’t accommodate all of the communications demands.

After working with churches and partnering with ministries, we know the challenges that churches face.

We use our experience to build a church website that meets your needs today, and has room to grow with you. You’ll be able to stop fighting with your website so you can focus on your goals.

Our Church Website Delivarables

Website Design and Development

We will create an interactive, well-organized, easy to navigate, and responsive (easily visible on all device like tablets, laptop and phones) website design with information about the church.


We will host the church website on one of the best hosting platforms with a great security framework and 99% no server downtime

Online Payment

Integrating an easy-to-use payment gateway will allow members pay easily for titles and offering and also donate when required.

Sermons Page

We will create an intuitive sermon system where new website visitors and church members can either listen(audio) or watch(video) past church sermons. We will achieve this by connecting the website to YouTube (video sermons) and SoundCloud (audio sermons).

Church Departments and Groups

The information on all church groups and departments will be added to the website.

Live Stream

We create a live stream page where church members can connect whenever they are not physically available. This will be achieved by connecting the website to the church’s YouTube or Facebook live stream.

Online Store

Sermons, music, event t-shirts and many more can be bought through the church’s online store.


We will create a well-organized gallery page which will have pictures of the church’s past event.

Church Online Radio

This is a platform where web visitors can listen to Sunday sermons that will be streamed live. Past sermons and music can be also broadcasted.

Church News

Church members will be updated on the latest event happening in church and latest church announcements.

Security and SSL

Security is very important when it comes to building a website. That’s why we will install a security system by one of the best security company and a secure socket layer which will help safeguard your web visitors’ details.

Search Engine Optimization

Submitting your church website info into search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL) is to allow for easy accessibility to the website via popular search engines and for the website to be reached by searching for certain keywords.

Social Media Links

Popular social media platform will be integrated to the church website which will directly be linked to the church social media accounts that is in existence or will be created during the website building process.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Unlike traditional applications, progressive web apps are a hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and a mobile application. This new application model attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience. This makes the website act as a mobile app.

Some of our Work

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