Create a Wedding Website in Nigeria

The main purpose of a wedding website is to give your guest a platform where they can experience your love story and provide all the information about your wedding day.  Your wedding guests can get information such as the location, dress code, hotel reservations and registry from your wedding website. Your wedding website can also update your guest in case there are any changes to the wedding plan.

Now that you know the importance of a wedding website. Here are features a wedding website should’ve to have.

Customized Website Design

We will create a personalized website name for your wedding, website name such as We will also create a stylish website design that suite the colour code of your wedding also making sure the website can be visible on all devices (Phones, Tablets and Laptops).

Pre-wedding Contents

We will help you keep your memories alive and share your special moments with your friends by uploading your pre-wedding contents such as “how you met” stories, engagement photos and videos, traditional photos and videos. We will also add information about the wedding, information such as the Location where the wedding is taking place, the time the wedding is going to start and the wedding colour code.

Hotel Reservations

Do you have any friend or relative coming for your wedding and you are disturbed they don’t have a place to sleep? Don’t worry we will add the list of all the hotels near your wedding location and the price of these hotels.

Map Direction

Worried that your guests will miss their way to your wedding location? Its covered in this plan. We will make it easy for your wedding guest to locate all your wedding address by integrating google map into your website.

Live Streaming

All your loved ones can’t make it to your wedding? No worries!!! We will stream your wedding live so that your family and friends who won’t be able to make it to the wedding won’t miss a thing.

Post Wedding Contents

Why don’t you keep all your wedding memories and have people talk about them and marvel? Let’s help you. We will upload all your wedding pictures and videos so that you can view or download them anytime you want.

Well wishes

You need to see or hear sweet things people have to say about your wedding. We will add a form where people can write their congratulatory message.

Do you need a wedding website? you can call us 08110463276 or visit our contact us page.

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